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Tuis | Foto's | Nationale SA JKA Noorsdkaap Span 2016

Nationale SA JKA Noorsdkaap Span 2016

Ingestuur deur: Rosemarie Fillis

Gesien: 842

These are the karate-ka from our karate dojo, De Beers JKA Karate Centre, who will be representing the Northern Cape Province at the National SA JKA Karate Tournament. The Tournament takes place annually at Standard Bank Arena, in Johannesburg over 2 days, this year, the 20th and 21st May 2016. The first day is for coloured belts, Novice, 6 years and above and the second day is only for the Elite, brown and black belts, 8 and above. Congratulations on being selected to represent our Province. I am very proud of you all. You have worked hard and I know you will do us proud. Oss.

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